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Vebjørn Sand is an artist. His background includes three major public art projects in Oslo, Norway including the Leonardo Bridge Project. Mr. Sand is also a highly regarded painter whose work is included in collections worldwide. He studied art in Oslo, Prague and in New York at the Art Students’ League.

Mr. Sand’s work on the Leonardo Project began with his discovery of Leonardo’s tiny drawing in an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s engineering and architectural ideas in a museum in Sweden. He presented the idea to the Norwegian Transportation Ministry and was able to inspire them with the historical significance of the project and immediately secure their okay.

Mr. Sand possesses an ability to build strong alliances capable of executing his public art ideas on a large scale. His ability has been proven through the process of erecting the Troll Castle Project, the Kepler Star Project and, finally, the Leonardo Bridge Project.

Mr. Sand is deeply influenced by the traditions of the Renaissance and Baroque painters. His phenomenal success with three major public art projects in Norway has made him an influential figure of Norwegian cultural life.

He divides his time between Oslo, Norway and New York.


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