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The Leonardo Bridge Project is not a cookie-cutter structure but a re-imagining of Leonardo’s eloquently flexible design. It is a design, like a brilliant passage of music, re-imagined for different locations, in different materials and by different artisans around the world.

Each Project is unique and reflects both new and ancient technology. Our team works with communities around the world to determine if the Leonardo Bridge Project design is appropriate for a proposed site. The bridge uses the principles of the pressed bow and parabolic arches to give it its unique structural integrity. The proposed site must provide the necessary footholds for the structure using natural terrain or appropriate landscaping. It could also be incorporated into building plans.


We work with community partners to educate civic leaders, politicians and community groups about the nature and historical value of the Project. We publicize efforts in each community and assist in connecting with local supporters to generate interest, support and ownership of the historical project.


The Leonardo Bridge Project will mean different things to different communities.  It can symbolize a community’s commitment to the arts, wise economic and technological development or become a gateway symbol.  Connections between new and existing arts, cultural, educational and civic programs are strengthened by its unifying symbolism. The Leonardo Bridge Project encourages community awareness in such diverse areas as urban planning, community participation, school and university programs, goodwill cultural exchange programs and local economic development through tourism.

The Leonardo Bridge Project team also hopes to develop novel educational and outreach programs and welcomes interested experts in this effort.

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