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The following links are a few of the organization bridging cultures, the arts and sciences and math education. The Leonardo Bridge Project does not necessarily endorse the work of these organizations but recognizes their efforts to see the world through new eyes: -“Bridges to Understanding” – professional and amateur photographers travel to remote villages where they teach the children how to record the stories of their village and cultural way of life. Racebridges seeks to build "bridges" with stories and activities between racial and ethnic groups that allow us to walk in another's shoes, so that the stranger will become a friend. - Christian Organization supporting foreign students with cross-cultural issues and personal needs. - US Cable TV company for Muslims in the USA. - Special assessment program for a variety of learning needs. - Bridges Network - Art and Science, new media convergence. - The Bridges Conference: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science - The International Society of the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture - Books for architecture and mathematics - Linking art and mathematics for children. The largest selection of free art lessons for kids on the internet.


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