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Where is the first Leonardo Bridge in Norway?

The Norwegian Leonardo Bridge Project spans highway E-18 approximately 20 minutes east of Oslo. It is easily accessible by road from either E-18 or E-6.

Is this bridge a kit?

No, it is a flexible design, like a brilliant passage of music, which can be re-imagined for different locations, in different materials and by different artisans around the world. The Leonardo Bridge Project, the umbrella arts organization developing global projects, facilitates use of the design, providing appropriate documentation and research on the design to prospective builders. A fee of 3% of the final budget for the construction is charged by the Leonardo Bridge Project to continue its work developing sites around the world.

Does the Leonardo Bridge Project fund our bridge?

Not directly. Funding for local projects comes through sources such as local transportation allocations, tourism budgets, and individual and corporate donations. The Leonardo Bridge Project develops and promotes these unique construction projects around the world with the help of generous supporters. We will use our contacts and promotional capability in any way we can to promote this project in your community.

When I am in Norway, can I see any other public art projects by Vebjørn Sand?

Yes. Vebjørn Sand created the Kepler Star, sometimes called the “Peace Star” near Oslo’s Gardermon Airport. (please see: )

Where can I get more information about the work of Vebjørn Sand? and


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