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Facts about the Oslo Leonardo Bridge Project



  • Bridge site: Crossing E18 at Nygårdskrysset in Ås municipality near Oslo, Norway
  • Type of Bridge: Footbridge
  • Total length: 109.2 m
  • Main span: 40.0 m
  • Vertical clearance above road: 5.70 m
  • Clearance between handrails: 2.80 m
  • Year of construction: 2001
  • Structural system: One vertical and two tilted arches with fixed ends at the abutments and interconnected at the apex
  • Material quantities: 90 m3 of glulam timber (Gl 36c), whereof about half the amount in the centre arch after having ground off about 40 m3. 120 m3 glulam timber in the stress laminated bridge deck
  • Costs: Totally about NOK 12 millions, whereof the glulam timber amounted to NOK 4.1 millions
  • Owner: Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Eastern Region
  • Design group: Vebjørn Sand (idea and artist), Reinertsen Engineering ANS (consulting engineers), Selberg Arkitektkontor AS (architects), Moelven Limtre AS and Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Directorate of Public Roads (advisors) and Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Akershus (project management)
  • Contractors: Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Akershus with Moelven Limtre AS as subcontractor for production and erection of the timber structure.

Photo by Knut Bry


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