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About Us

The Leonardo Bridge Project is a non-profit corporation in the United States with a 501(c) 3 under the Allied Arts Foundation. Our mission is to build a global network of permanent landmark bridges, public arts projects based on Leonardo da Vinci’s 1502 “Golden Horn” (Halic) bridge design.  The Leonardo Bridge Project develops and promotes these unique construction projects around the world with the help of inspired local architects, officials, business people, educators and engineers.

The project is the brain-child of Norwegian artist, Vebjørn Sand, who is the artistic director.  We hope to collaborate with local artisans, architects, suppliers of material and officials to bring the grace and beauty of this magnificent structure to communities around the world.

The drawing Leonardo da Vinci made for the “Golden Horn” design resides at the Institut de la Biblioithèque de Paris and is in the public domain. Rights to Mr. Sand’s re-imagining of the design belong to him but the design is available to all who wish to draw artistic inspiration from it.

We support bridge projects both structural and metaphoric, that are a cross-cultural matrix for raising awareness of our shared civilization and creating greater integration between the arts and the sciences; including architecture, natural sciences, history, civil engineering, drawing and mathematics. The Leonardo Bridge Project will use our extensive international press contacts to promote local projects that are artistic collaborations with our team vision.

We welcome sponsors committed to a sustainable products and technologies.

A fee of 3% of the final budget for the construction is charged by the Leonardo Bridge Project to continue its work developing sites around the world. Funding for local projects comes through local transportation allocations, tourism budgets, and individual and corporate donations and is managed by local officials.


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